AJA EQS provide certification for the below standards:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO 45001 Occupational, Health & Safety Management Systems
  • ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems
  • EarthCheck Sustainable Environmental Management Systems for Travel & Tourism Activities
  • Integrated Management Systems

Before Certification

Just as we certify our clients’ processes and procedures to conform to certain standards, our own approach towards handling client certification also involves a well-defined and proven system. Here, we take you step-by-step through how your company should approach the task of ISO certification.

Before commencing with certification, ensure there is substantial Senior Management support and commitment to the implementation of the appropriate standard, particularly with regards to the financial and human resources required.

  • Acquire the relevant standard and all sector guidelines relevant to your industry if available. These can be obtained from Sector E Trade Associations, professional Institutions etc.
  • Decide on the scope of certification required and which parts of the company are to be certified.
  • Review your existing system against the requirements of the appropriate standard and guidelines and identify what needs to be done to comply with the standard. Use where ever you can the experiences of other certified companies in the same industry.
  • Identify the resources required to achieve effective compliance. Decide whether there is sufficient expertise in house or the support of a consultant is required.
  • Commence generation and implementation of the documented management system.
  • Contact AJA EQS to discuss the certification process and our approach

Certification Related Information

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Certification activities are – or should be – a Service and NOT an Imposition. Our staff, fully qualified and registered with professional registration bodies, undergo rigorous internal training, no matter what their basic qualification level on joining us, to ensure that this concept is understood and practiced for the benefit of our clients.

Certification Transfer Scheme

Management Systems Certification are paramount in today’s competitive and global economic environment. It is not a mere luxury. It helps organizations to identify, improve their business performance and meet their stakeholders / customers’ requirements and expectation.

It is very important to choose the right Management Systems Certification Body that will provide consistent and sustainable services to your organization.

We continually innovate ways in conducting our management system services and making the process more feasible and affordable.

Connect with us to discuss on our straightforward certification transfer approach and your organization timeline and needs.


It is crucial to ensure the “essence” of the company – “the people” – is ready for the challenges.

Having trained, educated workforce is a MUST in today’s business world. Companies and employees who are not constantly developing their skills are falling behind!

AJA EQS has an excellent team of training specialist who can help to make sure that organizations get returns in their investment in employee’s development.

AJA EQS is collaborating with various government agencies such as SME CORP, Human Resource Development Corporation and Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) in providing trainings that suit large and Small, Medium Enterprise organisations. This collaboration benefits our clients tremendously as they will be receiving cost-effective and high quality training.

(Please note these are generic trainings & should not be construed as consultancy).

Public Training Program

Please contact us for details.

In-House Training Program

Please contact us for details.

Verification Audit

Commonly known as Supplier Audits because they are used where an organization has to assure itself of the ability of a potential or existing supplier or sub-contractor to meet the set requirements.

With increased emphasis on consistency of performance and adherence to company procedures, it is important to assure that your suppliers, dealers and distributors are well versed in how you want your own company image to be projected to the public.

AJA EQS be your “eyes and ears” to assure your suppliers are maintaining the standards you have set. By not having to maintain your own staff of auditors, you will improve your bottom line significantly.

We can provide you second party audits when needed, where needed, and as a cost effective solution to the needs you have for this activity.

  • Audit your suppliers, subcontractor’s stakeholders, subsidiaries & etc.
  • Audit will be based on your requirements
  • Able to save your time, resources & money
  • Provide professional unbiased audit report


  • Provide factual based information for selection of suppliers.
  • Factual based criteria for the extent of on-going controlled applied to particular suppliers
  • Part of process formulation in establishing mutually beneficial supplier relationships

Management Systems for a Sustainable Future

AJA EQS is an International Certification Body that has significantly contributed in facilitating organizations around the globe in achieving International Standards Certification.

  • Accredited by Department of Standards Malaysia
  • Registered with Ministry of Finance
  • The 1st and only homegrown International Certification Body

Contact us for more information at 03 – 79551342 or email to ajaservices@aja com.my | roslaini@aja.com.my

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